An introduction to the history of waterford crystal

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Waterford Crystal: History

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Inthe Penrose brothers sold Waterford Glass to the Gatchell family. In the afternoon, proceed via Cork to Waterford, a stronghold founded by the Danish Vikings, and look forward to a guided tour of the House of Waterford Crystal.

After. Jan 20,  · A video of how Waterford Crystal was produced here in Waterford City. This was the introduction of the Anglo-Normans into Ireland.

InHenry II of England became the first English king to set foot in an Irish city, Notable industries include the famous Waterford Crystal factory, employing 3, skilled employees at one time.

The city is also a major railway terminus. Introduction to Ireland (GR) Introduction to Ireland. You’ll also enjoy guided tours of the House of Waterford Crystal, where you’ll see the highly-skilled artisans at work in the production of this famous crystal, and the Irish National Stud in Kildare, home to thoroughbred champions.

Waterford Crystal

Waterford Port was a centre for mass emigration in the terrible years betweenwhen the potato crop failed for three successive years. This bleeding of the youngest and best deprived Ireland of a valuable resource at a vital time in her history.

An introduction to the history of waterford crystal
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History of Waterford, historic places to see in Waterford Ireland. Vikings Waterford