An introduction to the life of pierre de fermat

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Fermat's Last Theorem

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Pierre de Fermat, one of the prominent mathematicians of the 17th century, is better known for his contribution towards development of infinitesimal calculus.

Pierre de Fermat

He was also a lawyer in terms of profession at the Parliament of Toulouse. The Life of Fermat. Pierre de Fermat was born in in Beaumont-de-Lomagne, France. Pierre Fermat's father was a wealthy leather merchant and second consul of Beaumont- de- Lomagne. There is some dispute [14] about the date of Pierre's birth as given above, since it is possible that he had an elder brother (who had also been given the name Pierre) but who died young.

Pierre had a. 17th century mathematics - fermat Pierre de Fermat () Another Frenchman of the 17th Century, Pierre de Fermat, effectively invented modern number theory virtually single-handedly, despite being a small-town amateur mathematician.

Pierre de Fermat

PIERRE DE FERMAT Yogita Chellani Term Paper, History of Mathematics, Rutgers. The French mathematician Pierre de Fermat() was possibly the most productive mathematician of his era, making many contributions, some of which were to calculus, number theory, and the law of refraction.

An introduction to the life of pierre de fermat
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